10 Key Principles of Effective Web Design

Hints and Tips in an Infographic 

Building a website has gotten a great deal easier. Although, creating a successful website is still driven by a cohesive strategy. Too often, websites are built based on faulty decisions - copying other sites, insufficient planning, and the lack of a focused website design strategy. Check out these 4 strategic foundations of effective websites. 

Things to consider when planning for a website design & development 

  1. Content comes first
  2. Know your audience
  3. Use appropriate media
  4. Be intuitive
  5. Don’t fear whitespace
  6. Remove barriers
  7. Strive for simplicity
  8. Don’t reinvent the wheel
  9. Be consistent
  10. Call to action

Two of the ten items above that stands out for me as a top priority are numbers 1 & 2; creating content that connects with your audience is almost the single focus of a website. Secondly, having a good understanding of your audience is critical to the website's design and development success. Explore the infographic in more detail here 

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