SEO agencies – Important questions to ask before choosing one

Protect yourself from a negative experience by following these tips

  • What is their real reputation?
    • Contact their clients directly 
  • Are they a digital agency or an SEO agency?
    • SEO agencies don’t have other services to fall back on, so, if they are successful, it’s a good sign.
  • What results have they achieved?
    • If an agency is ranked on page one for SEO terms in your city, that is a very good sign.
  • What is their quoting process like?
    • Speak directly to the person who will be doing the SEO work and that person gives you a quote.
  • What KPIs are they selling?
    • Make sure that you are not sold on potential conversions from the full search volume of the search terms.
  • Are they trying to get control of everything?
    • The quick answer is yes, but you can prevent this by maintaining your existing relationships 
  • Are they transparent?
    • There is a lot of contradicting information out there, and a true technical SEO specialist will have a pretty good idea of what’s working currently.

It is important to understand that SEO is a vital function, but hiring the right SEO company can be a challenge. If you are following some of the tips above, the chances are, you will come much closer to getting what you pay for. Go a little deeper to get a more intensive understanding of the tips here. 

Stay focused on questions about your SEO business objectives.

questions to ask about SEOCheck out some basic facts here    

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