How to Create a Winning Social Media Listening Strategy for 2019

Social Media Listening can help support your business goals

The first step to ensuring that social media listening is working; start with clear goals. Here are a few to consider:

  • Market research
    • It is optimal to use all methods available to you when it comes to market research.
  • Lead generation
    • Once you have a regular influx of such leads, you obviously want to turn them into customers.
  • Customer service & reputation management
    • If there’s something social media users hate, it’s waiting, and with social customer service efforts improving across the board, so too are general expectations for rapid response.
  • SEO
    • Social listening - or really, online listening more broadly - can also have SEO benefits when used the right way.

The 4 major areas of focus above is the beginning to getting to a streamline social media listening plan. Get the details for each area heresocial media listening"Social media listening and monitoring - or 'social listening' as it's also known - has become a key best practice. Given so many conversations are happening online, it can be hugely valuable for brands to 'listen in' and stay in touch with sentiment around their brand, their competitors and their niche more broadly."Explore these 7 steps that will also help to understand social media listening and make good decisions about best practices.   

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